Simplifying Business Software

Business Softwares are unnecessarily complicated with old generation approach meticulously migrated to new generation interface.

Building Business Software Ground up with a mission to simplify work-Life – That’s Halsimplify!

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Pioneering Solution as a Service

The next big thing in IT unleashed!

Don’t be limited with the rigidity of a Products or succumb to the complexity of a Solution. Halsimplify is way in between - Product & Solution. Hal Product Suites are Solutions implemented like SaaS Product at a subscription Cost!

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Hal Business Success

For Business Founders who are frustrated spending Money on Software, People and see no growth or results, Hal Business Success unifies & streamlines different Teams & departments, turn data into insights to monitor Business Growth effortlessly at an affordable cost. Customers using Hal Business Success enjoy Clarity, know Where to Cut Cost & How to Increase Revenue
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Hal Edgecation Suite

For School Management held back having to manage many departments/stakeholders & could not boast on their quality of education to Parents, Hal Edgecation Suite (HES) provides a unified System to take care of both Admin & Academic effortlessly. Schools using HES often able to deliver Quality Education frees up Staff Time, Save Money & bring School under control

Hal Smart Supplier Solution

Hal smart Supplier is a Smart ERP for Smart Suppliers. Enjoy the rhythm of Coherence, Automation & Collaboration between different departments to grow your Business. It is designed to help you automate your business the way you need – from getting quotes from your hundreds of suppliers to placing an order to tracking it to fulfilment – build it the way you want.

Hal Possible

Retail Shop Owners waste lot of time working on separate POS & Accounting Softwares instead of increasing Sales or build loyalty like Big guys. Hal POSsible provides Unified Front & Back Office offline-Online, any device access. Customers using the App are able to manage their Chains & Grow their Business

Reach App

For School Management struggling to effectively communicate with Parents, Teachers at right time & place due to Scattered, age-old and not built-for School communication tools, ReachApp consolidates all sort of communication channels & different stakeholders in a Pocket. Schools using the App see their Parents, Staff HAPPY and reduce their Communication expenses up to 43%

We Exist To Build
Next Generation Technology
And ERP On Cloud From Scratch!”

We Love Solving Problems
We Are Unique As We Make Things Simple
We Re think And We Challenge The Status Quo
We Are Here To
Disrupt The ERP Space!

Empowering Businesses And Educational
Institutions To Go Beyond The Status Quo With
The Power Of Simplicity

We are not yet another ERP company with the same old features being served in a newer interface. We are a Business Success Software Company building elements that will fuel your Businesses Growth Engine like helping you Close Deals Faster, Get Paid Sooner, Spend wisely, to ultimately let your business be Profitable. Maintain a happier team powered by our signature Simplicity.

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